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Joy-Discovery Menu

Breakfast » 11am

Yoghurt Blossom
Organic fresh yoghurt crowned with delicious seasonal fresh fruit & honey

Muesli Divine
served with organic yoghurt, organic milk or soy milk* (gluten-free muesli available)

Fruit & Nut Toast
organic rye toast packed with delicious fruit, nuts &seeds


All day *Subject to availability

Three Pâtés - hommous, tuscan bean and carrot and coriander served with bread or corn chips
Lentil Pies
A delicious selection of dairy free pies served on their own or with salad (vegan) sauce 50c extra

$11.00 w/salad
The Famous Not Dog
Vegetarian Hot Dog served with soy mayonnaise, grilled onion, tomato sauce and mustard in a sour dough roll (vegan)

scrumptious roast vegetable frittata served with side salad (gluten free)

Masoor Dhal
India's staple lentil soup famous for its delicious and nutritious properties. Known by many as "holy dhal" (vegan, gluten free)

$9.50 samll $10.50 large
Soup of the Day
See our 'specials board' for today's tasty soup. Served with choice of gourmet breads or rice
Curry, Rice and Dhal ("C R D")
Curry of the day, served with rice, dhal and yoghurt raita. See 'Specials Board' for today's curry

$15.00 small
$17.00 large

Burgers and Wraps  
Oriental - Tempeh Burger with carrot & coriander pâté, vaidya digestive & green salads & sweet chilli dressing.
Golden Tofu - Marinated tofu burger with tuscan bean pâté, soy mayonnaise, alfalfa, avocado & green salad.
Mediterranean - Chickpea falafel burger with hommus, tabouli, green salad & balsamic vinegar.
Mexicana - Red kidney bean burger with tuscan bean pâté, cucumber & green salad & sweet chilli sauce.

Burgers made with choice of turkish bread, wrap or rye buns. Gluten-free wraps available ($1 extra.)

Mega Salad Sandwich or Wrap (vegan)
Three pâtés, three salads & dressings in your choice of organic wheat wrap or dark rye bread or gluten free wrap ($1 extra)



A selection of Joy-Discovery's salads and pâtés with your choice of dressings (lemon tahini, balsamic or soy mayo)

Grilled tofu or tempeh add-on to salad (vegan)

$13.50 large
$11.50 small


Salad Platter (vegan)
A generous plate of salad served with patés and organic corn chips
Extra pâtés
Sweet chili, tomato sauce, lemon tahini, soy mayo dressings add 50c
Take away available on all items - our containers add on 50c



Sweets & treats

See our sweets counter and 'Specials Board'
Macadamia Chocolate Torte (Raw, G/free, Vegan) $7.50
Carob Bliss Balls (gluten free) $3.00
Sesame Honey Balls $3.00
Vegan Raspberry Cheesecake $7.00
Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake $7.50
Vegan GluteFree Raspberry Carnevale $5.00
Pistachio Dream Cake $6.00

Fresh Juices

1. Detox - carrot, apple, celery, beetroot, ginger
2. Immune Boost - orange, lemon, ginger, apple $6.00 small
3. Calm Seas – orange, kiwi, strawberries $7.00 large
4. Green Dream - apple, celery, kiwi, lemon
5. Energy Source - watermelon, mint, apple
6. Heartbeet – carrot, celery, beetroot, tomato
Choose Your Own Combo

Iced Drinks

Iced Chai
Iced Chocolate
Iced Coffee

$8.00 w/soy

Iced Mint, Lemongrass & Ginger Tea $4.50


Banana Bliss
Berry Heaven
Carob and Date

(made with biodynamic milk or organic soy milk with choice of yoghurt or icecream or soy icecream)

$8.00 w/soy
Mango Lassi
made with organic yoghurt

Organic Drinks
Juices and soft drinks
Coconut Water


Coffee (Organic, fair trade)

Short Black $3.00
Long Black $3.50
Latté $3.50
Cappuccino $3.50
Flat White $3.50

Organic Teas

Earl Grey $3.50 / pot for 1
English Breakfast $6.00 / pot for 2
Green Tea
Hot Chocolate $4.50
Chai Latté $5.00
Chai Tea $5.00 / pot for 1
$8.50 / pot for 2
Dandeccino or Eccoccino $4.50
Carob Supreme $4.50
Soy Milk Extra .50